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One or two loops FIBC bulk bags with integral lifting points

1&2 loop FIBC bags

One or two loop FIBC bags are constructed with tubular fabric and bottom panel fabric as well as integral single or double lifting point on the top of tubular fabric. Since there are no vertical seams, it guarantees better result of anti-humidity and leak-proofing. The top lifting points can be wrapped with sleeves of different colors for easy of product identification.
Compared with 4 loops bulk bag of similar design, bag weight can be reduced up to 20% that brings better cost-performance ratio.
One or two loop bulk bags are ideal for crane lifting with hooks. One or more bulk bags can be lifted at the same time compared with common 4 loops bulk bags which usually a forklift is needed and only one bag is handled for one time.
1&2 loop bulk bags are widely used to transport bulk material loaded between 500kg and 2000kgs. It is a cost effective bulk-handling solution for filling, transporting and storing different types of bulk products, like animal feed, plastic resins, chemicals, minerals, cements, grains etc.
1&2 loop bulk bags can be handled by manual filling as well as automatic filling system with rolling type

Specifications of 1 or 2 loop FIBCs

•Body fabric: 140gsm to 240gsm with 100% virgin polypropylene, UV treated,
•Top filling: spout top, duffle top, open top are on option;
•Bottom discharging: spout bottom, plain bottom are on option;
•Iiner is inserted to guarantee additional moisture protection
•1-3 years anti-aging is on option
•Packaging type: 100pcs per tray

The benefits of 1&2 loop Jumbo bags

1.Easier handling more bags one time
2.Less bags weight compare with 4 loops design
3.Cost-effective than the traditional 4 loops bag
4.Higher breaking strength
5.Easier identification with warped colored sleeves on loops

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