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Inner baffle FIBC bulk sacks with pallet transportatio

Baffle FIBC bags

Baffle FIBC bags are constructed with corner baffles to maintain their rectangular or square shape once they are filled during transportation and in storage. The corner baffles are made to allow the loaded material flow smoothly into all the directions, yet preventing the bag from expanding in the process. Compared with non-baffle bags, they save storage space and reduce transportation costs by 30%. So they are ideal option if you want to store these FIBCs loaded in a limited space. Baffled bags can be made to perfectly fit the pallet, especially in container shipping, while maintaining their mostly original shape. They can be used to transport chemicals, minerals, grains and other stuffs in mostly economic and safely way.
There are many different types of FIBC bulk bags and you can choose the right bags based on the material and application. The most three popular FIBCs come with 4-panel jumbo bags, U-panel jumbo bags and circular jumbo bags. All can be sewn with inner baffles to hold its square shape when filled with bulk materials to make easier to store and transport.

Specifications of Baffle FIBCs

•FIBCs can be 4-panel, U-panel or tubular construction.
•Body fabric: 140gsm to 240gsm with 100% virgin polypropylene, UV treated, dust-proofing, water-resistance are on option;
•Top filling: spout top, duffle top, open top are on option;
•Bottom discharging: spout bottom, plain bottom are on option;
•Side seam loops or cross corner loops are on option
•Sift proofing in seams with filler cord is on option
•1-3 years anti-aging is on option
•Chinese stitches, double chain stitches, over-lock stitches are on option
•Maximum shipping/container optimization

Do you need bulk bag with baffles?

It depends on your products and application. Typically, baffles bulk bags are often used for fine material in the chemical and food industries. There are several advantages including:
1.Easily stack and store
2.Increased structural stable
3.Easier handling and transporting
4.More safety

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