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Type C FIBC bulk bags with conductive yarns earth bonding

Type C FIBC bags

Type C FIBC bags known as conductive FIBCs or ground-able FIBCs , are made from non-conductive polypropylene interwoven with conducting yarns, normally in a grid pattern. The conductive yarns must be electrically interconnected and connected to designated ground or earth bonding points during filling and discharging operations.
The interconnection of conductive yarns throughout the bulk bag is achieved by correctly weaving and sewing the fabric panels. As with any manual operation, ensuring interconnection and grounding of Type C FIBC is subject to human error.
Type C FIBCs are mainly used for packaging dangerous bulk materials in the combustible environment. During the process of filling and discharging, Type C FIBC can effectively wipe out static electricity generated and help to avoid the damage of dangerous propagating brush discharges and even explosion with grounding all the time.
Type C bulk bags are used for transporting dangerous goods like chemical, medical and other industries. In other words, they can transport flammable powders when flammable solvents, vapors, gases or combustible dusts exist around the bags.
On the other hand, Type C FIBCs should not be used when gound(earth) connection bonding point is not present or has been damaged.

Specifications of Type C FIBCs

•Body fabric: 140gsm to 240gsm with 100% virgin polypropylene and conducting yarns woven together
•Usually U-panel or 4-panel type
•Top filling with spout top
•Bottom discharging with spout bottom or plain bottom
•Inner bottle-shaped PE liner according IEC 61340-4-4 is available
•Sift proofing in seam is available
•Lift loops type is customized

Why choose WODE packing Type C FIBCs

WODE Packing devotes itself as a packaging leader and innovator. Strictly quality management system and fine production ensure even quality all the time. The Type C FIBCs produced by WODE packing are reliable to be used in types of dangerous bulk cargos.

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