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Polypropylene U-shape FIBC bulk bags

U-panel FIBC bags

U-panel FIBC bags are constructed with three body fabric panels, the longest one form the bottom and two opposite sides and the additional two panels are sewn into it to form the other two opposite sides to have a U-shape finally. The U-panel bags will maintain a square shape after loading the bulk material, better with baffles.
The U-panel construction normally with side-seam loops is excellent for loading a variety of products and has tremendous lifting capacity. It is a very popular design for dense products. U-panel bulk bags are available for transporting powder, pellete, granular and flake with loading weight between 500 to 3000kgs.
Top Filling, bottom discharging, loops lifting and body accessories can be sized and shaped based on the customer’s demands.
With virgin woven polypropylene, bulk bags can be manufactured as 5:1 or 6:1 to SWL according to the GB/ T10454-2000 and EN ISO 21898:2005

Specifications of U-panel FIBCs

•Body fabric: 140gsm to 240gsm with 100% virgin polypropylene, UV treated, dust-proofing, leak-proofing, water-resistance are on option;
•Top filling: spout top, duffle top(skirt top), open top are on option;
•Bottom discharging: spout bottom, plain bottom are on option;
•Open top-bottom tubular inner liner, bottle neck inner liner, shaped inner liner are on option
•Baffles for Jumbo bags are strongly recommended
•1-3 years anti-aging is on option
•Chinese stitches, double chain stitches, over-lock stitches are on opition

Why choose WODE packing U-panel FIBCs

WODE Packing devotes itself as a packaging leader and innovator in the FIBCs industry. Strictly quality management system and fine production brings even quality all the time. The U-panel FIBCs produced by WODE packing are reliable to be used in types of bulk cargos. Meanwhile, skilled team can explore durable and safety U-panel bags to satisfy your special needs.