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UN FIBC bulk bags for dangerous material

UN FIBC bags

UN FIBC bags are a special type of Bulk Bags that are used for transportation and storage of dangerous or potential dangerous goods. These bags are designed and tested according to the standards laid down in the “United Nations Recommendation”to protect users from danger like toxic contamination, explosion or environmental pollution etc. Various tests that are implemented by the UN include Vibration testing, top lift testing, stacking test, drop testing, topple testing, righting test and tear testing.

UN FIBCs must conform to the UN testing standards which includes the following

Vibration Testing:  All UN FIBCs have to pass the test with 60 minutes vibration and have no leakage
Top Lift Testing: All UN FIBCs are required to be lifted from the top loops and maintained for 5 minutes without any loss of content.
Stack Testing: All UN FIBCs are required to be placed a top load for 24 hours without damage of the bags.
Drop Testing: All UN bags are dropped from specific height to the ground and have no leakage of contents.
Topple Testing: All UN bags are toppled from a specific height based on the packaging group without any loss of contents.
Righting Test: All UN bags can be lifted to an upright position either from it’s top or it’s side without any damage to the bags.
Tear Test: All UN bags are required to be punctured with a knife at a 45° angle, and the cut must not expand to more than 25% of it’s original length.

There are 4 types of UN bulk bags named including

13H1 means uncoated fabric without inner PE liner
13H2 means coated fabric without inner PE liner
13H3 means uncoated fabric with inner PE liner
13H4 means coated fabric with inner PE liner