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Ventilated FIBC bulk bags for potato bean and log

Ventilated FIBC bags

Ventilated FIBC bags are manufactured to ensure maximum air circulation to safely transport like potatoes, onions, beans and wood logs etc, which need fresh air to keep best condition. Vented bulk bags can help to keep content in lowest moisture that help to maintain the agriculture products for longer freshness. With four lifting loops, bulk material can be easily transported using forklift truck and crane. Like other type of big bags, ventilated UV treated FIBCs can be stored outside under the sunlight.
Meanwhile, vented bags can be reusable and recyclable due to 100% virgin polypropylene.
Our professional skilled team can help to design the proper size to suit your products.
Top Filling, bottom discharging, loops lifting and body accessories can be sized and shaped based on the customer’s demands.

Specifications of Ventilated FIBCs

•Body fabric: 160gsm to 240gsm with 100% virgin polypropylene, UV treated, uncoated, vertical fabric reinforcement are on option;
•Top filling: spout top, duffle top(skirt top), open top are on option;
•Bottom discharging: spout bottom, plain bottom, skirt bottom are on option;
•1-3 years anti-aging is on option
•Cross-corner loops, side seam loops, ancillary loops are on option
•Package on tray in on option

Why should choose Ventilated FIBCs?

To prevent food spoilage due to moisture, FIBCs should have fully breathable fabric to permit the air flow into the bag. If you want to store and transport potatoes, onions or firewood, vented jumbo bags will be the best choice. Typically, vented bulk bag is U-panel construction with open top or duffle top as well as spout bottom for discharging. SWL range is from 500 to 2000kgs.  If properly packed and stacked, vented bulk bag can be stacked much higher to fully utilize the storage capacity of a warehouse.